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High-Quality BioResources for High-Impact Research
We are your partner in promoting life science researches to pioneer the future.

  • With our principles “Trust, Sustainability, and Leadership,” we offer a variety of most reliable bioresources. Find biological materials you need in our catalog!
  • We welcome deposits of your invaluable materials to our collection. By depositing, you can make your materials more accessible to the scientific community, while relieved of the burdens pertaining to preservation and distribution.
  • In addition, we also offer technical training courses on how to use these materials effectively.

Latest news(2022 vol.02)


Experimental Animal Division

A key gene in cancer research Meflin(Islr) functional analysis tools

In June 2022 “Mouse of the Month”, we introduced a GPI-anchored membrane protein Meflin-related mouse strains deposited by Atsushi Enomoto, M.D., Ph.D. (Nagoya University).

Meflin+ cells

Experimental Plant Division

Updated Exp-Plant Catalog
Added information to FOX strains

Arabidopsis FOX lines are transformed with Arabidopsis cDNA placed downstream of the constitutive promoter(CaMV35S pro.). Information on the genes introduced in 7031 FOX lines is now available on the Exp-Plant catalog.

Exp-Plant catalog page caption
Exp-Plant catalog page caption

Cell Engineering Division

Human iPS cells derived from patients and healthy individuals

  • For providing most of the cell lines neither approval of the depositor nor research collaboration is required.
  • We provide these iPS cells not only to the users in Japan, but also to the users in overseas, in addition, not only to not-for-profit intuitions but also to for-profit institutions.
  • The iPS cells will be cultured on a priority basis upon requests.
Human iPS cells with feeder cells
Human iPS cells with feeder cells
Feeder-free human iPS cells
Feeder-free human iPS cells

Gene Engineering Division

StayGold, highly photostable GFP

Dr. Atsushi Miyawaki of RIKEN CBS deposited StayGold, a fluorescent protein that is more photostable than existing fluorescent proteins. We look forward to receiving your orders!

StayGold, highly photostable GFP

Microbe Division (JCM)

A palmicolous fungus, Endocalyx cinctus

A palmicolous fungus, E. cinctus(Cainiaceae) produces unique synnema-like conidiomata consisting of two parts: (1) a carbonaceous and black basal hyphal cylinder covering a central column; (2) a central synnematous column expanding radially and apically, holding the black conidial mass at the capitulum, and enclosed by yellowish thin peridial hyphae.

Endocalyx cinctus JCM 7946, incubated on autoclaved petiole of a palm, scale = 1 mm.
Endocalyx cinctus JCM 7946, incubated on autoclaved petiole of a palm, scale = 1 mm.