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BRC RESOURCE NEWS 2023 vol.05.

Experimental Animal Division

A fluorescent reporter strain for sexing at the preimplantation embryos

In July 2023 "Mouse of the Month", we introduced Y-mtRFP mice (RBRC11535), which ubiquitously express red fluorescent tdTomato on the Y chromosome, deposited by Ayako Isotani, Ph.D. (Nara Institute of Science and Technology).


Experimental Plant Division

Add on cDNA Clones of 8 Plant Species to the Exp-Plant Catalogue

Resource information on cDNA clones of deposited eight plant species has been integrated into the Exp-Plant public catalog and is now available. You can check the clone information of each plant species by selecting the plant species from the “DNA” menu at the top of the catalog.

TF-GR Line List

Cell Engineering Division

Information of genetic analyses regarding disease-specific iPS cells

In relation to the disease-specific iPS cells derived from Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS), we analyzed two causal genes, SOD1 and TARDBP/ALS10/TDP-43. In relation to the iPS cells derived from Spinocerebellar degeneration, we analyzed the number of repeated sequences in 8 gene regions. The above results are available on our website.

Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) patient-derived iPS cells
Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS)
patient-derived iPS cells
Spinocerebellar degeneration patient-derived iPS cells
Spinocerebellar degeneration
patient-derived iPS cells

Gene Engineering Division

Various fluorescent proteins such as photoswitchable fluorescent protein, Kohinoor

Dr. Takeharu Nagai, Osaka university Insitute of Scientic and Industrial Reserch Nagai-laboratory has deposited fluorescent proteins such as photoswitchable FP Kohinoor, acid resistant monomeric GFP Gamillus and short-wavelength FP Sirius.

pJN-opAQ pJN-opCLII pJN-opLcLuc pJN-eKAZ pJNC-pGLuc

Microbe Division (JCM)

Fungal strain isolated from fungi

The term "Mycoparasitic fungi" refers fungi growing on other fungi as parasites. Among notable examples are Hypomyces laeticolor (JCM 10758T), a parasitic fungus of Basidioradulum sp. and Acrodontium luzulae (JCM 39231), a parasitic fungus of Xylariales. Mycoparasitic fungal strains hold the potential to provide valuable insights into the dynamics of fungal associations and nutritional interactions.

Hypomyces laeticolor JCM 10758T(Colony on PDA)
Hypomyces laeticolor JCM 10758T
(Colony on PDA)
Acrodontium luzulae JCM 39231(Conidiophores and conidia)
Acrodontium luzulae JCM 39231
(Conidiophores and conidia)