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Information for Users

How to find and obtain bioresources

Standard procedures from search for bioresource to payment are as follows:

  1. Search for bioresources
    Please search bioresources that you wish to use in the BRC website (on-line catalogue) and/or the website of an appropriate Division. Please search bioresources that you are looking for in the BRC website (on-line catalogue) and/or the website of an appropriate Division.
    How to search bioresources in BRC Website
  2. Prepare and submit necessary documents
    Please complete the Order Form and Material Transfer Agreement that can be downloaded from the website of an appropriate Division.
    Follow the instruction for how to fill in the forms.
    Send these documents by postal mail or the pdf files of documents by email.
    For certain bioresources, approval from the depositor is required
    Certain bioresources require approval from the Depositor.
    For such bioresources, please download the Approval Form from the homepage and fill and send it to the Depositor to obtain his or her approval. Upon receiving the Approval Form from the Depositor, submit the Form to us together with order forms. Depositors can be contacted at the addresses listed in the website or catalog of the RIKEN BRC. If you cannot find the name and address of the Depositor on the website or catalog, or if you have any questions, please contact an appropriate Division by e-mail or by fax.
  3. Receiving bioresources
    and returning a receipt
  4. Receiving a bill, payment, and notice of payment (bank) transfer
    Billing will be handled by the BioResource Research Center Promotion Office, RIKEN. Please remit payment by following the instructions.

    【For users from organization of overseas】
    For the smooth distribution of bioresources to overseas organizations, please pay the distribution fees in advance.

Detailed procedures for distribution of bioresource are different among bioresources. Please read the specific instructions of an appropriate Division.

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