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Information for Users

Please Cite Bioresource Information in Your Publication

Please cite the name of the BRC bioresource and resource number in your publication

Information increases the value of bioresources and promotes further usage. In your publication of research results using bioresources from RIKEN BRC, please write the correct bioresource name and number. Your publication adds the value to the bioresource and promotes further use. The bioresource information in your publication is helpful and necessary for other researchers to obtain the same bioresource used in your publication. We will link your publication to the bioresource in our web catalog and database. As a result, your research achievement will be widely recognized and appreciated by fellow researchers and will eventually contribute significantly to advancement of life science.

The RIKEN BRC resource number is an internationally recognized unique ID and is required for accurate dissemination of information.

Please describe precisely the bioresources used for your experiment in “Materials and Methods” in your publication.

Example is as follows: xxxx (name of resource and resource number) was provided by the RIKEN BRC through the National BioResource Project of the MEXT/AMED, Japan.

Examples of description of “resource name and number”:
Mouse Strain B6-Tgfbi<tm1(TGFBI)Dokm>(RBRC09538)
Plant Seed
Cell line
Arabidopsis transposon-tagged line 54-0232-1(pst00001)
BY-2 (rpc00001)
RIKEN Arabidopsis full-length cDNA clone (pda91001)
Cell Cell line The human embryonic lung fibroblast cell line, MRC-5 (RCB0211)
Gene DNA clone
Genomic DNA
pRSFlag_mmSumo1clone (RDB06126)
Genomic DNA of Bacillus halodurans JCM 9153 (JGD12232)
Microbe Microbe strain JCM 10002
Information MoG+
BioResource Metadatabase
BioResource Metadatabase;

Please report your achievements such as research paper, press release and patent registration to an appropriate website of RIKEN BRC

The reported achievements will be posted in the website of each Division.

Contact site for your achievements:
Mouse or submit to Research Resource Circulation (RRC)
Plant or submit to RRC
Cell or submit to RRC
Gene or submit to RRC
Microbe or submit to RRC