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Quality Control and Dissemination of Relevant Information on Bioresources

As one of the core infrastructures to promote life science and innovation, RIKEN BRC conducts world highest level of resource project. In the project, we implement strict quality control to achieve user’s confidence in our bioresources. In accordance with our basic policy to inform the current status of our project to research communities, we operate quality control and disseminate relevant information in the following manner.

  1. ensure that all employees are aware of and follow our quality guidelines, set annual action plans for solving various problems to achieve quality goals for each resource Division, evaluate our performance at regular meetings and management reviews, and make improvements as needed.
  2. endeavor to secure our communication with our users. We have adopted guidelines for communication with our users. Based on the guidelines, we evaluate our performance and progress at regular meetings and make improvements as needed.
  3. make every effort to ensure that all employees are aware of the need and importance of strict legal compliance in cooperation with all parties concerned, thus ensuring that our activities are always in conformity with the laws and guidelines.
  4. make a crisis management plan in advance and take all necessary measures to deal with crisis such as natural disasters, in cooperation with all parties concerned, in order to ensure that RIKEN BRC’s activities can be sustained as usual even in such situations.
  5. carry out human resource development in order to ensure that the activities outlined above can be carried out steadily and further developed constantly.
  6. refine this Quality Policy regularly in line with the basic operation policy of RIKEN BRC.

On the other hand, it is extremely difficult to eliminate defects in our bioresources. Mutations, deviation, and contamination may occur during the proliferation or reproduction of biological materials. However carefully we inspect the quality of bioresources, defects might remain.

Therefore, we would like to ask all recipient users of our bioresources to confirm their quality and characteristics before using in the experiments. If you find any concern or defect, please let us know immediately so that we can take care the issue. We greatly appreciate all your feedbacks that are necessary for improving the quality of our resources.

We also ask the depositors of bioresources to provide us with accurate information including relevant publications, origins, characteristics, and inspection procedure for manipulated genes. It is no exaggeration to say that the information provided by the depositors defines the value of the resource, and we would like to thank you again for your kind cooperation.

We are grateful to research communities and citizens for their support and cooperation. We anticipate your further support and cooperation in future.

Quality control policies and contact address of Divisions in RIKEN BRC:
BioResource Research Center(This page)
Experimental Animal DivisionQuality
Experimental Plant DivisionQuality
Cell Engineering DivisionQuality
Gene Engineering DivisionQuality
Microbe Division (Japan Collection of Microorganisms)Quality control of JCM

Link: Quality Examination and Information Release Policy on Our Bioresources(old article: September 1, 2014)