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Information for Users

For Best Use of Bioresources

Please ask an appropriate Division of RIKEN BRC for how to use bioresources.
BRC can provide advices and suggestions on how to use best the various bioresources provided by RIKEN BRC.

  • Protocols and Manuals
    RIKEN BRC has online documents for how to use bioresouces best. For inquiries that cannot be answered by online documents or technical training, please contact an appropriate Division. We will answer individual questions regarding how to use bioresources at the inquiry desk. (Please note that it may take some time.)
  • Information Services
    For searching bioresources, characteristics of bioresources and utilization of bioresources, RIKEN BRC can provide you with multiple information services.
  • Licenses for Research Tools
    RIKEN BRC provides and uses highly useful bioresources and technologies developed by external organizations via license agreements.
  • Mail News
    To deliver the latest information of bioresources, RIKEN BRC distributes email news.
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