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Experimental Animal Division

A spatiotemporally controllable Cre-driver strain

In March 2022 “Mouse of the Month”, we introduced TRE-PA-Cre mice (RBRC11090) deposited by Takeshi Takarada, Ph.D. and Tomoka Takao, Ph.D. (Okayama University).


Experimental Plant Division

New release: Plant cell lines for photosynthesis/stress-related research

We have released five plant cell lines.

  1. Tobacco NI : photoautotrophic
  2. Tobacco ATR-r : herbicide-resistant
  3. Tobacco NaCl-r : NaCl-adapted
  4. Mangrove BsLs : salt-tolerant
  5. Fern AY-01 : cadmium-tolerant

Tobacco NI, Mangrove species BsLs

Cell Engineering Division

Cell line resources for COVID-19 related research

We are providing hybridoma cell lines producing anti-SARS-CoV-2 Spike antibody. Many papers have been published regarding COVID-19 related research in which the cell lines we had provided were used. In addition, many different kinds of cell lines in our bank have been used for viral infection research.

R52_Spike(RCB5391), Vero(RCB0001)

Gene Engineering Division

Mammalian Expression Vector, pEF-BOS series

The pEF-BOS-EX vector is a gene expression vector that is easy to achieve high express regardless of the type of mammalian cells and is also used in iPS cells. Dr. Shigekazu Nagata and his colleagues at Osaka University, the developer of this vector, has deposited three types of improved vectors incorporate drug resistance markers and FLAG tags. We look forward to receiving your orders!


Microbe Division (JCM)

JCM strain requiring co-culture

Tannerella serpentiformis (JCM 31303T) is associated with human oral health. This strain requires Cutibacterium acnes as a helper strain. It is expected that the symbiotic mechanism of microbiota will be unraveled by further isolating and culturing strains requiring co-culture in the future.

Tannerella serpentiformis JCM 31303T(with helper strain : vertical lines), Tannerella serpentiformis JCM 31303T(Cells of JCM 31303T)