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Experimental Animal Division

A novel luminescent Tg strain expressing emerald luciferase

In January 2024 “Mouse of the Month”, we introduced CAG-ELuc mice (RBRC11951), which are applicable to in vivo imaging analyses, deposited by Fuminori Taniguchi, M.D., Ph.D. and Kazuomi Nakamura, Ph.D. (Tottori University).

CAG-ELuc mice

Experimental Plant Division

New Release: Plant Cell Lines

We have released four plant cell lines, including model plant species.

  1. Carrot NC
  2. Ceratopteris richardii (fern) Cr-AH
  3. Arabidopsis MM2d
  4. Arabidopsis MM2d-LS
Arabidopsis MM2d-LS / Carrot NC
Arabidopsis MM2d-LSCarrot NC

Cell Engineering Division

We are looking for the requests from users of human iPS cells

  • Analysis of differentiation of certain iPS cell lines with micropatterning method
  • Generation of a plasmid construct to express some marker gene (such as GFP) under the promoter of a specific gene
  • Generation of a cell line in which a specific gene deletion (knockout) or a specific gene mutation is introduced in the iPS cells derived from healthy individuals etc.
    (Visit our webpage for details.)
Healthy donor-derived iPS cells(HPS4290 : 201B7-Ff)
Healthy donor-derived iPS cells
(HPS4290 : 201B7-Ff)

Gene Engineering Division

Monomeric StayGold, highly photostable GFP

Dr. Atsushi Miyawaki of RIKEN CBS has deposited a monomeric form of StayGold.

mStayGold,highly photostable GFP

Microbe Division (JCM)

Methanogenic archaea: list of the JCM strains and a recipe for the preparation of anaerobic culture media are released

Methanogenic archaea are strict anaerobes producing methane as a major metabolite, and they have drawn attention in research areas of the environmental conservation. JCM has now released the above list and recipe in order to support researches using the methanogenic archaea.

Methanothrix soehngenii JCM 10134
Methanothrix soehngenii JCM 10134