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Information for Users

Limited Use Label License: Clontech Limited Use Label License

This biomaterial contains one or more fluorescent proteins (FPs) owned by, or licensed to, Clontech Laboratories, Inc. (“Clontech”). The FPs are the subject of one or more issued and pending patents including U.S. Patent Nos. 7,166,444; 7,150,979; 7,432,053, 7,338,784; 7,338,783; 7,338,782; 7,297,782; 7,258,981; 7,442,521; 7,442,522 and corresponding foreign patent claims.

The Recipient of the biomaterial is granted a non-exclusive, limited right to use the biomaterial only for internal research purposes. Such license specifically excludes (i) the right to sell or otherwise transfer this product, its components or derivatives thereof to third parties; (ii) use of biomaterial or FPs for any diagnostic or therapeutic purpose; (iii) use in high-throughput screening, including but not limited to image-based, high-content analysis, of greater than approximately one thousand (1,000) discrete compounds per target per day; (iv) transfer of nucleic acids expressing FPs and/or FP polypeptides into somatic or germline cells for the performance of gene transfer or gene therapy; (v) use in quality control and quality assurance processes including food and environmental testing; (vi) any use other than use in non-human animals or in in vitro experiments. No right or license to perform commercial services of any kind using the FPs, including without limitation reporting the results of Recipient’s activities for a fee or other commercial consideration, is hereby conveyed by the transfer of this product to Recipient expressly, or by implication. On no account shall Recipient make any modifications to the protein coding sequence of the FPs or isolate or purify any FP or any DNA sequence encoding an FP from the biomaterial or otherwise use any FP separate from the biomaterial without the express written permission of Clontech.

Any use of the biomaterial or FPs other than as expressly granted herein requires a license from Clontech. For license information, please contact a licensing representative by phone at 650.919.7420 or by e-mail at