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Information for Users

Guidelines to be observed when using iPS cells and their derivative cells produced by use of the Sendai virus vector (SeV-iPS cells)

    SeV-iPS cells are produced based on the intellectual property owned by ID Pharma Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as ‘IDP’). They are provided without license fees exclusively for non-profit academic research at academic institutions.

    Academic Institutions are universities and agencies of a government (Federal or State) that perform research.

    The following guidelines must be observed when using SeV-iPS cells:

  1. Even if you are a non-profit academic institution, you must contact IDP beforehand in the following cases:
         a. When you plan to use SeV-iPS cells for for-profit non-academic research purposes.
         b. When you plan to use SeV-iPS cells for collaborative research with a for-profit organization.
  2. You may not redistribute SeV-iPS cells to third parties. If a third party expresses an interest in using SeV-iPS cells, please ask them to contact the RIKEN BRC directly.

    The use of SeV-iPS cells for purposes other than non-profit academic research is strictly prohibited, without limitation, as defined below.

  1. Commercial, non-academic contract research services for a compensatory fee that provide SeV-iPS (including derivatives), services, information (including targets identified), research results, instruments and apparatuses produced by use of the Sendai virus vector;
  2. Screening (conventional or high-throughput) of candidate compounds for development of therapeutics;
  3. Applied research development and manufacture of therapeutics, diagnostics, and prophylactics (e.g., hit-to-lead, lead optimization);
  4. Non-human safety studies except when performed on behalf of an academic institution for internal not-commercially sponsored research;
  5. Transfer of SeV-iPS cells to collaborators carrying out commercially sponsored compound screening or applied research development research (including a collaborator from a commercial entity);
  6. Commercialization of drug candidates, SeV-iPS cells, equipment or cell culture media made using the Sendai virus vector.
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