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Information for Users

How to search bioresources in BRC Website

Search bioresources from top page

If you wish to search quickly or to search multiple bioresources (mouse, cell, plant, microorganism, gene) simultaneously, we recommend to search from the Top Page. At the Top page, bioresource search and Google-based site search are available.

<Search for bioresources tab>

  1. Activate the “Search for bioresources” tab and enter keywords such as the name of the bioresource you wish to find or the name of the related gene.
  2. picture of bioresources search tab
  3. If you enter a keyword halfway, it will suggest hits from the disease or Phenotype, gene, bioresource number or name from stored in the database (suggest function). Please choose one.
    You can also enter by ignoring the suggested words.
  4. picture of suggest function
  5. Bioesources that meet the search conditions are listed.
  6. picture of bioresources search list
  7. Click a bioresource from the list to jump to the individual bioresource page.

<Site search tab>

  1. When the “Site Search” tab is activated, you can search entire RIKEN BRC Website by the google function.
    picture of Site search tab
  • If you cannot find bioresources necessary for your research in our catalog or any other bioresource centers, please contact an appropriate Division. We will be glad to be your help.
  • In case that you need a novel bioresource that has never been developed, you and RIKEN BRC can develop such a bioresource by collaborative effort. Please propose the collaborative development to us. We are looking forward to hearing your proposal.

Search in individual Resource Division Website

If you know the type of bioresource you wish to search or obtain, we recommend that you search from the website of each Division. You can search by more detailed conditions.

picture of Site search list
  1. Link to search for bioresource website of individual Division
    picture of Experimental Animal Division of search screen
  2. Fill in the search condition and execute searching.
  3. Click a bioresource from the list to jump to the individual bioresource page.

Improvement of search function and the database (under construction)

The search function and database for information associated with bioresources are being improved.

<Information of the bioresources provided by RIKEN BRC>

Information on all of the bioresources and the database provided by Riken BRC will be enriched to increase added values, and search function of information of the bioresources will be also improved.