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Participation report :
INFRAFRONTIER satellite workshop at the IMGC 2019, Strasbourg, France
"Sustainability of Mouse Informatics Resources (SMIR)" on 25 and 26 September 2019

Hiroshi Masuya, Head of Integrated Bioresource Information Division and Atsushi Yoshiki, Head of Experimental Animal Division participated in the SMIR workshop (Fig. 1) and presented slides entitled "Update status of mouse resources and informatics at RIKEN BRC" on September 25. The follow-up panel discussion with IMGC 2019 participants was conducted in the evening of September 26 (Photo).

Mouse informatics resources are valuable and essential tools in life sciences. For the goal biomedical research community, the safe and continuous availability of these resources is a necessary prerequisite for the future development of Precision Medicine.

Globally, the long-term sustainability of the existing tools is facing some challenges. How to advance them and make future-proof, is a constant task for researchers and funders worldwide.

The INFRAFRONTIER workshop aimed to openly discuss the status quo of the international Mouse Informatics Resources in Europe, North America and Asia presented their tools, approaches, and ideas for improvements like cloud storage, the use of artificial intelligence and ongoing international cooperation.

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EMMA (European Mouse Mutant Archive):
RIKEN BRC (RIKEN BioResource Research Center):
MMRRC (Mutant Mouse Resource & Research Center):
IMPC (International Mouse Phenotyping Consortium):
MGI (Mouse Genome Informatics):
RGD (Rat Genome Database):
ALLIANCE of Genome Resources:
IMSR (International Mouse Strain Resource):

Fig. 1. Presenting organizations and scientists

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Photo: Workshop and panel discussion in IMGC 2019

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