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The Seventh Sino-Japan Summer Course of Genetic Mouse Models "Humanized Mouse Models" Photo Gallery

The First Day(23-July-2018)

Opening Remarks

Opening Remarks

Session 1: Mouse Genetics and Genome Manipulations
Lecture 1: Dr. Xiang Gao "History of mouse research"

Lecture 2: Dr. Atsuo Ogura "Twenty years of somatic cell nuclear transfer: Mouse as a model for the cloning study"

Lecture 3: Dr. Kuniya Abe "Developmental Epigenetics Using Mouse Embryos and Stem Cells"

Lecture 4: Dr. Shinya Ayabe "Expanding collection of RIKEN BRC mouse strains through genome editing"

Session 2: Mouse Resources for Biomedical Research
Lecture 1: Dr. Atsushi Yoshiki "The role of mouse repositories for the biomedical research"

Lecture 2: Dr. Toshiaki Nakashiba "Fundamental Strategies Using Mouse Resources in Neuroscience Research"

Lecture 3: Dr. Hong Yu Wang "Chinese Mouse Strain Resource and Phenotyping"

Session 3A: Disease Models and Phenotyping
Lecture1: Dr. Zhongzhou Yang "Do things with Heart"

Lecture2: Dr. Guoqiang Wan "Mouse models of human deafness: disease mechanisms and therapeutics"

Open discussion

The Second Day(24-July-2018)

Session 4: Special Topic -Humanized Mouse Models
Lecture 1: Dr. Yong-Guang Yang "Introduction to a humanized mouse model with functional human Lymphohematopoietic system"

Lecture 2: Dr. Lijian Hui "Liver humanized animals: Donor cells, Recipient animals and Beyond..."

Lecture 3: Dr. Peng Li "The construction and application of humanized mouse models"

Lecture 4: Dr. Cun-Xiang Ju "Development of humanized mouse models and their applications in cancer immunotherapy"

Session 3B: Disease Models and Phenotyping
Lecture 1: Dr. Masaru Tamura "Visualization of mouse embryos by X-ray computed tomography(CT)"

Lecture 2: Dr. Ying Xu "Circadian rhythm and homeostasis"

Lecture 3: Dr. Shuai Chen "Metabolic phenotyping and disease models"

Lecture 4: Dr. Jun Yan "The molecular mechanisms of tumor relapse and metastasis"

Lecture 5: Dr. Hiroshi Masuya "Data integration of mouse phenotype and diseases"

The Third Day(25-July-2018)

Practical training course