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BRC Meeting Report: the Seventh Sino-Japan Summer Course of Genetic Mouse Models "Humanized Mouse Models"

As a short education course annually planned by RIKEN BioResource Research Center (BRC), Japan (Director: Yuichi Obata, Ph.D.) and Model Animal Research Center (MARC), Nanjing University, China (Director: Dr. Shuai Chen, Ph.D.), "The Seventh Sino-Japan Summer Course of Genetic Mouse Models" was held from July 23 (Mon) to 25 (Wed) at MARC in Nanjing.

1. History of the Japan-Sino Summer Course

MARC and RIKEN BRC have been co-organizing a series of short educational course focusing on mouse genetics and related experimental technologies for young scientists. The first summer course was hosted by RIKEN BRC on August 27 - 29, 2012 in Tsukuba. After that MARC and RIKEN BRC hosted alternately every year until Seoul National University, Korea joined and hosted the 6th summer course in 2017.

2. Summer Course of this year

The main theme of this year was "Humanized Mouse Models". Sixty-nine participants including graduate students mainly from Nanjing University and young scientists from various districts in China joined this course and learned from basics to applications of mouse genetics.
Classes were given by 18 lecturers from China and Japan. Lecturers and organizers are listed as below. Lectures were given with the following four themes. Students actively asked questions and joined discussions in each lecture.

  1. Mouse Genetics and Genome Manipulations
  2. Mouse Resource for Biomedical Research
  3. Disease Models and Phenotyping
  4. Humanized Mouse Models

On the last day of the course (July 25), five practical training courses were held for the participants to choose one of them according to their preferences.

  1. The Modified SHIRPA Techniques
  2. Embryo and Sperm Handling Techniques
  3. PDX Mouse and Techniques
  4. Pathological Sectioning and Processing
  5. Animal Facility Management

The next 8th Summer Course is planned to take place from August 26 (Mon) to 28 (Wed), 2019 in RIKEN BRC. Please keep the dates!

The 8th Japan-Sino-Korea Mouse Workshop (tentative plan)

Theme: "Precision modeling of human diseases in mice and cell resources"
Date: August 26-28, 2019
Venue: RIKEN BRC, Tsukuba, Japan

3. Program

*program  summer_course_program_2018

4. Lecturers and organizers list


Shuai Chen (Nanjing University)
Xiang Gao (Nanjing University)
Guoqpiang Wan# (Nanjing University)
Hong Yu Wang (Nanjing University)
Zhongzhou Yang (Nanjing University)
Cun-Xiang Ju (Nanjing University)
Jun Yan (Nanjing University)
Ying Xu (Soochow University/Nanjing University)
Yong-Guang Yang (Jilin University/Columbia University)
Lijian Hui (CAS Shanghai Institute of Biochemistry and Cell Biology)
Peng Li (CAS Guangzhou Institutes of Biomedicine and Health)


Yuichi Obata
Kuniya Abe
Atsushi Yoshiki
Atsuo Ogura
Hiroshi Masuya
Masaru Tamura
Shinya Ayabe#
Toshiaki Nakashiba
Shingo Kosaka# (BioResource Research Planning Office, RIKEN Tsukuba Branch)

#Main contact and organizing persons of this summer course

5. Photos

Group Photo
Group Photo

Certificate award ceremony

*More photos here.