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The 5th RIKEN BRC - Nanjing University MARC Mouse Resource Workshop
and RIKEN Symposium - Biological Imaging of Disease Models -
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The First Day (25-July-2016)

Opening Remarks

 Opening Remarks

Session 1: Basic knowledge for mouse research resources

Lecture 1: Dr. Yoichi Gondo, "Mouse Genetics to Genomics"

Dr. Yoichi Gondo

Lecture 2: Dr. Jing Zhao, "Mouse resources and colony management"

Dr. Jing Zhao

Keynote lecture 1

Dr. Atsushi Miyawaki (RIKEN Brain Science Institute & RIKEN Center for Advanced Photonics), "Novel fluorescent probes and resources"

Dr. Atsushi Miyawaki

Luncheon lecture

Dr. Akira Saito (Olympus Corporation), "The Latest Laser Scanning Microscope; FV3000/FVMPE-RS"

Dr. Akira Saito

Session 2: Genomics and imaging development and disease

Lecture 1: Dr. Kuniya Abe, "Visualization tools for epigenomics"

Dr. Kuniya Abe

Lecture 2: Dr. Masaru Tamura, "High resolution 3D imaging by micro-CT"

Dr. Masaru Tamura

Keynote lecture 2

Dr. Satoru Takahashi (University of Tsukuba), "Imaging pancreatic beta cell development and diabetes"

Dr. Satoru Takahashi

Session 3: Mouse models for human diseases

Lecture 1: Dr. Chaojun Li, "Mouse metabolic phenotyping"

Dr. Chaojun Li

Lecture 2: Dr. Ho Young Lee, "Introduction of PET/CT application in small animal research"

Dr. Ho YoungLee





Posters and Mixer

Posters and Mixer

Posters and Mixer

The Second Day (26-July-2016)

Session 4: Novel technologies and resources

Lecture 1: Dr. Atsuo Ogura, "Advanced reproductive technology"

Dr. Atsuo Ogura

Lecture 2: Dr. Shinya Ayabe, "Genome editing of mouse embryos"

Dr. Shinya Ayabe

Lecture 3: Dr. Xiaohui Wu, "Piggybac resources"

Dr. Xiaohui Wu

Keynote lecture 3

Dr. Yoshihiro Miwa (University of Tsukuba), "Near-infrared imaging resources and technologies"

Dr. Yoshihiro Miwa

Session 5: Phenotyping disease models and data sharing

Lecture 1: Dr. Ying Xu, "Phenotyping circadian diseases models"

Dr. Ying Xu

Lecture 2: Dr. Shigeharu Wakana, "Standardized phenotyping pipeline"

Dr. Shigeharu Wakana

Lecture 3: Dr. Hiroshi Masuya, "Bioinformatics and data sharing"

Dr. Hiroshi Masuya

Keynote lecture 4

Dr. Hideki Enomoto (Kobe University), "Development and pathology of the enteric nervous system"

Dr. Hideki Enomoto

Session 6: To conquer human diseases

Lecture 1: Dr. Zhongzhou Yang, "Developmental heart defects"

Dr. Zhongzhou Yang

Lecture 2: Dr. Yukio Nakamura, "Introduction of disease-specific iPS cell bank"

Dr. Yukio Nakamura

Lecture 3: Dr. Je Kyung Seong, "Lessons from genetically-engineered mice phenotype data"

Dr. Je Kyung Seong

The Third Day (26-July-2016)

Practical training and demo

Practical training and demo

Practical training and demo

Practical training and demo

Practical training and demo

Laboratory tour and optional training

Laboratory tour and optional training