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BRC Annual Report(2005-2007)

BRC Annual Report(2005-2007) PDF
Front Cover 1.3MB
Publisher’s Emblem 128KB
Contents 75KB
Preface(P1-5) 2.9MB
Organization(P6) 673KB
Activities in the RIKEN BioResource
Evaluations(P7-23) 1.5MB
International Exchanges(P24) 1.9MB
Training Courses(P25-28) 3.2MB
Publiic Relations(P29-31) 988KB
Awards(P32-34) 1.4MB
Other Topics(P35-38) 6.7MB
Research Activities in BioResource Center
Director & Secretaries(P39) 1.1MB
Experimental Animal Division(P40-49) 3.4MB
Experimental Plant Division(P50-56) 4.7MB
Cell Engineering Division(P57-64) 4.6MB
Gene Engineering Division(P65-74) 6.4MB
Microbe Division /Japan Collection of Microorganisms(P75-87) 6.4MB
Bioresource Information Division(P88-94) 6.3MB
Support Unit for Quality Management(P95-100) 1.7MB
Bioresource Engineering Division(P101-112) 2.5MB
Technology and Development Team for Mammalian Cellular Dynamics(P113-120) 4.0MB
Technology and Development Team for BioSignal Program
Subteam for BioSignal Integration(P121-128) 5.2MB
Subteam for Manipulation of Cell Fate(P129-137) 2.5MB
Technology and Development Team for Mouse Phenotype Analysis: Japan Mouse Clinic(P138-142) 3.9MB
Team for Advanced Development and Evaluation of Human Disease Models(P143-146) 2.0MB
Mutagenesis and Genomics Team(P147-161) 4.5MB
Technology and Development Unit for Knowledge Base of Mouse Phenotype(P162-166) 2.6MB
Ishii Research Collaborative Group(P167-169) 549KB
Shinozaki Research Collaborative Group(P170-190) 4.3MB
Shiroishi Research Collaborative Group(~2008.3)(P191-203) 1.7MB
Tsukuba Safety Center(P204-208) 2.6MB
Researches in BioResource Center(P209-232) 312KB
BRC Seminars & Progress Reports(P233-240) 232KB
Committees of BRC(P241-243) 187KB
Visitors(P244-248) 3.6MB
About BioResource Center(P266-271) 130KB
Back Cover 467KB