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R&D in Bioresource Infrastructure Programs

In the Bioresource Infrastructure Programs, each Division conducts R&D to improve and to accelerate use and application of respective bioresources. Each Division also develops novel bioresources in response to social and scientific needs.

Experimental Animal(mouse)

Animal models for understanding of sophisticated life phenomena, promoting human health and conquering diseases
R&D: Genome-edited KO and KI mice

Experimental Plant

Maximizing the power of plants
R&D: Stress response

Cell Lines

From basic life science research, clinical research to innovation
R&D: Hematopoietic stem cells

Genetic Materials

Learn from living things and use their power
R&D: Vectors with tissue-specific makers


Promotion of researches on health and environment
R&D: Isolation, identification and characterization of microbes involved in symbiosis

Integrated Bioresource Information

No Information, No Resource
R&D: Visualize analyzed results of genome information, disease states and images of biological dynamism, and develop novel methods for utilization of bioresources

For detailed information, please visit the following Division’s websites:

The General Outline of the Center

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