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Invitation to Events and Tours at RIKEN BRC/ Tsukuba Campus

Scientific researches are essential to approach various serious global issues including health and diseases, food production, energy production and global warming, to which we are facing now and will continue to be in the future. Scientific researches often require experimenatal materials. In the field of life science, experimental materials are referred to as “biological resources” or “bioresources”. With understanding and support from you, RIKEN BioResource Research Center (BRC) has been well recognized as one of leading core bioresource centers in Japan and in the world. To provide you with opportunities to know our various bioresources and activities, RIKEN BRC has been holding a few annual events and tours that are open to the public. We also provide the youth with opportunities to have direct experience and familiarize with bioresources.
All of you are cordially invited to join any events and courses described below.
We are lookinig forward to seeing you at any of these occasions.

Open Campus: Fulfill Your Curiosity!

The RIKEN BRC has been holding an annual Open Campus. This is an opportunity for citizen of young and old to see and learn various bioresources and the research activities in RIKEN BRC. There are many attractive exhibitions and events for visitors, including science lectures, facility tours, coloring contest and hands-on experiment classes.

  • Winners of Coloring Contest
    Links below are winning arts of the coloring contest in previous Open Campus.
    The prizes are given to the pupils of elementary school or younger.

Doctor Course for Tsukuba Children: Play and Learn!

Doctor Course for Tsukuba Children is a science learning event featuring exhibitions and events held at research institutes in Tsukuba. This event attempts to encourage local elementary and junior high school students to become great “Little Doctor”. The BRC/Tsukuba Campus has been participating in this event, providing an opportunity for children to familiarize with life science.

Science Lecture Series for Adult Citizens: Answer Your Questions with Real Experiments

Tsukuba Expo Center holds a series of “Science Lecture Series for Adult Citizens”. RIKEN BRC cooperates with this program as one of research institutes in Tsukuba. A few scientists of RIKEN BRC serve as lecturers in this program. They offer two-hour lecture and also help participants to conduct experiments in laboratories in RIKEN BRC.

Science Tour for Junior-High and High School Students: Welcome to the World of Science!

The RIKEN BRC offers facility tours mainly targeting to junior high and high school students. The tours are guided by researchers or research staff, and the participants walk through the laboratories and see our various bioresources and a storage facility of the bioresources.