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No requirement of the Approval Forms for Venus and hKO1

Dr. Atsushi Miyawaki of the RIKEN Center for Brain Science (CBS) has deposited numerous bioresources, including fluorescent protein (FP) genes he developed, with the BioResource Research Center (BRC). These FP genes are used not only to observe the intracellular localization of tagged proteins, but also to investigate various biological phenomena, such as the cell cycle. In addition, many modified derivatives created by researchers in Japan and overseas using FP genes transferred by Dr. Miyawaki have been deposited with BRC.
Recently, Dr. Miyawaki has notified BRC that Dr. Miyawaki’s consent is no longer required to provide bioresources containing Venus or hKO1, because the patents on the genes have expired. Upon his notification, BRC informs you that you don’t need to submit the Approval Form by Dr. Miyawaki to BRC for the use of bioresources containing Venus and hKO1 hereafter. In addition, there are bioresources available for for-profit use, please contact relevant Divisions of BRC for more information.
We hope that you will actively use bioresources containing Venus and hKO1.

We look forward to your continued active use of the bioresources including Venus and hKO1, deposited with BRC.

When you construct bioresources containing FP genes developed by Dr. Miyawaki, we kindly request that you deposit them with BRC. Depositing bioresources will significantly contribute to the advancement of related research fields. In addition, deposition of such bioresources will be great help of formation and protection of the intellectual property rights of the bioresource developer. Furthermore, it can significantly reduce your burden on tasks such as maintaining and providing bioresources to other researchers. All bioresources deposited with BRC will be carefully managed under high-level quality control, and preserved at our center, and we will make every effort to meet the needs of depositors and users as much as possible.
Please deposit your FP resources with us.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the Director’s Office of RIKEN BioResource Research Center, Ms. Kusayama. ( ).