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Announcement: Return Our Services to the Regular Level

Dear Users,

Since August 27, all restrictions on commute and work of our employees at RIKEN BioResource Research Center (BRC) have been lifted. The bioresource deposition/distribution services at RIKEN BRC have returned to normal. We are grateful for your understanding and cooperation up to now, while the suspension and restrictions of our services surely caused a great deal of inconvenience to our users. Almost all our operation has been are now being carried out normally and smoothly. However, please understand that certain deposition/distribution services may be delayed, depending on resources and/or destination. We would like to ask you for your understanding and patience in the cases that these inconveniences occur.

Please visit following pages for best use of the bioresources:

Lastly, we wish you for your health and success in scientific researches, and we are waiting for your active use of our bioresources again.

RIKEN BioResource Research Center