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Revision of Distribution Fees for the Bioresources in RIKEN BRC

The RIKEN BioResource Research Center (BRC) is a non-profit institution funded by the Japanese Government. We are engaged in collecting, maintaining, multiplying, storing and distributing bioresources, with the aim to support research and development in the field of life sciences. We provide bioresources to scientists not only in Japan but also throughout the world with minimum fees that solely make up for preparation and handling costs of the requested bioresources. Due to changes in prices and protocols since the last revision of our fees, it has become necessary to revise them again.

We sincerely hope that these revisions will not inconvenience our users. We deeply appreciate your understanding and cooperation, and we look forward to receiving your requests for the bioresources.

The revised distribution fees will apply to all orders for bioresources from Tuesday October 1, 2019.

Mice (Experimental Animal Division)
Experimental Plants (Experimental Plant Division)
Cell Bank (Cell Engineering Division)
Gene Bank (Gene Engineering Division)
Japan Collection of Microorganisms (Microbe Division)