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RIKEN BioResource Center signs MoU with Korea National Research Resource Center and Institute of Microbiology Chinese Academy of Sciences.

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In pursuance of a mutual desire to promote further cooperation and in recognition of the mutual benefit in strengthening cooperation in fields of interest to the three resource centers (RCs) from each country, RIKEN BRC (Director: Yuichi Obata) in Japan, KNRRC(Director-General: Yeonhee Lee)in Korea, and IMCAS (Director-General: Shuang-Jiang LIU) in China join in the following Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) on October 28, 2015.

The cooperation will be proceeded to facilitate the access to the biological resources and information, promote joint research and exchange researchers, and to guide Asian Network of Research Resource Centers (ANRRC). This effort will bring the sustainable use of the biological resources and the development of the new materials in the 21 century. The cooperation among RCs will promote science, technology and innovation and will ultimately contribute to the advancement of sciences in this region and to the welfare of mankind.

Korea: Dr. Yeonhee LEE (KNRRC), Mr. Hyang SUM(Embassy of Republic of Korea)
China: Dr. Shuang-Jiang LIU (IMCAS), Dr. Juncai MA (IMCAS), Mr. SONG WU (Embassy of the People's Republic of China)
Japan: Dr. Yuichi OBATA (RIKEN BRC), Mr. Fumio OMAE (RIKEN BRC)

The signed MOU
The signed MOU

Dr. Shuang-Jiang LIU(Left)  Dr. Yeonhee LEE(Center)  Dr. Yuichi OBATA(Right)

Dr. Juncai MA  Dr. Shuang-Jiang LIU  Mr. Hyang SUM  Dr. Yeonhee LEE  Mr. Song WU  Dr. Yuichi OBATA  Mr. Fumio OMAE