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Announcement: Partial Resumption of Bioresource Deposition/Distribution Services at RIKEN BRC

Dear Users,

On May 20th, RIKEN BioResource Research Center (RIKEN BRC) resumed a part of the bioresource deposition/distribution services. We hope that the resumption of the services, although only partial, will contribute to your research and development activities. Please take advantage of this resumption of our services.

We wish to fulfill all your requests as soon as possible by the full resumption. However, our services are still being limited because the restrictions on numbers of workers and their working hours remain in effect in BRC. In addition, we cannot promise you on time delivery and deposition of bioresources because the unreliable situation of domestic and international transportation and also a slowed approval process for examination of the biosafety of bioresources. We would like to ask you for understanding the situation and your patience.

Please be aware that the resumption may differ among bioresources. If you have any questions regarding a particular bioresource for deposition/distribution services, please inquire the following Divisions in charge:

Experimental Animal DivisionE-mail:
Experimental Plant DivisionE-mail:
Cell Engineering DivisionE-mail:
Gene Engineering DivisionE-mail:
Microbe DivisionE-mail:

Although the situation of COVID-19 in near future is still totally unclear at this moment, we are making every effort to prepare for the full operation of our services.
Lastly, we are grateful for your continuous understanding and support.

We wish you best for your health and success in scientific researches.

RIKEN BioResource Research Center