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Mouse genomic variation database have released



Laboratory mouse is one of the premium bioresources for studying principles underlying higher-order biological phenomena and etiologies of human diseases. RIKEN BioResource Research Center have released a mouse genome polymorphism database, MoG+ (pronounce, mάg plˈʌs) ; mouse genome database with high added value, to promote advanced use of experimental mice. MoG+ provides visualized mouse genomic variation among inbred mouse strains established in Japan as well as major classical inbred strains.

Genome information in MoG+ have developed by collaboration with Comparative Genomics Laboratory, Advanced Genomics Center at National Institute of Genetics, and Joint Support-Center for Data Science Research, at Inter-University Research Institute Corporation Research Organization of Information and Systems. Genome information upgrading was also supported by NIG Advanced Genomics Project, and “Genome Information Upgrading Program” of AMED-NBRP. MoG+ is renewed edition of NIG_Mog2 that operated in Genetic Informatics Laboratory at National Institute of Genetics until FY2019.